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What We Do

Web3 LAVA brings together investors, start-ups and thought leaders to collaborate and discuss the vast opportunities and innovations in the Web3 space, including blockchain, protocols, crypto, DeFi, DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure), digital art and fashion, metaverse, NFTs, GameFi and DSNs (Decentralized Social Networks).


As a global city and a Web3 powerhouse, Los Angeles is uniquely positioned to serve as a center for digital currency/Web3 innovation, especially as institutional interest continues to grow. Our goal is to bring the latest Web3 innovations and investment opportunities to LAVA members through forums and tech-centric private events.


As LAVA’s newest community, we value receiving your input, including to understand what you are most interested in. You can provide feedback through our survey here.


Our Leadership


Stephanie Hurst
Co-Chair Web3 LAVA


Eric Lin
Co-Chair Web3 LAVA

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