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2020 LAVA Esports & Gaming Webinar Series Episode 3: Interactive Gaming Meets Film & Television Franchises

Marc Patterson posted a discussion in LAVA Gaming
Building upon our discussion with Immortals Gaming Club (IGC), LAVA E&G’s next webinar on Thursday, September 10th at 12:00Noon Pacific Time will explore the crossover between the film & television industries and gaming. Lionsgate Interactive Ventures and Games partners with world-class developers and publishers to adapt Lionsgate’s film and television properties into the world of games. This includes original titles like John Wick Hex and integrations of properties into existing games such as the iconic Fortnite X John Wick crossover. Lionsgate's Daniel Engelhardt and nWay's Taehoon "TK" Kim (the masterminds behind top mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars) join us to discuss the gaming's impact on franchises, and their respective companies' approaches towards gamification.

 September 03, 2020