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To the beginning of the future LAVA Library...

This Resources section was created along with the launch of the rebrand in tribute to LAVA’s new commitment to provide our members and members of our greater LAVA community with valuable resources relevant to your needs as investors and entrepreneurs.  Each month we will strive to add new resources that provide a useful service or product at a discount (with the greatest discounts available to current LAVA members).

HR Solutions

Insperity WX Startup Scholarship

Founders like you need all the resources possible to build that future on a strong foundation. Developing a culture by design and having a system in place for hiring the right employees are critical first steps. Yet with our help, you can focus on your vision while preparing to scale.

That’s why we’re providing a select group of qualified startups the chance to experience the Insperity Workforce Acceleration HR solution for one year, at a substantial discount.

It’s an unprecedented opportunity – one for which only select

companies are eligible.

Is your business a good fit? Let’s find out together.

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Thankz provides talented offshore and cost-effective staff for your company.  Thankz handles all the recruitment, legal, HR, and payroll. Hiring offshore means having access to a greater talent pool, not limited to a geographical area. Thankz management have been hiring and managing offshore teams for over 20 years, specializing in marketing, e-commerce, and finance roles.

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Robert Walters

Robert Walters is a specialist professional recruitment consultancy partnering with LA VC’s, backing high-growth startups to help them hire leadership talent for highly specialist appointments across a range of professional disciplines. Operating across five continents, with offices in over 30 countries, Robert Walters is one of the world’s leading recruitment consultancies. Distinguished by our long-standing expertise, market insight and specialist teams, we’re the trusted hiring partner for employers looking to drive their business forward with the best market talent.

Robert Walters is delighted to join LAVA and to be part of this strong network of professionals. All LAVA members will be entitled to a discount on our standard fees. Access our capability document below to learn more about our business, services and team in Los Angeles., or contact Peter Milne  to see how our services and market intelligence can help you. 

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